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  • MKB Amsterdam - Van Keulen

    15/11/2019 - 9:45AM CET  |  Amsterdam


    MKB Amsterdam - Van Keulen

    Day of the Entrepreneur for sustainable distribution

    René van Griensven, director of distribution company Van Keulen in Amsterdam Noord will open the trading with the gong Friday morning 15th of November. Van Keulen redistributes different goods over several trucks, in order to reduce truck freight in the city. Furthermore goods are loaded on ships, that will sail into the city center. The gong of this partner from MKB-Amsterdam will be executed in the context of the Day of the Entrepreneur.

    Bart Drenth, chairman MKB-Amsterdam: ‘’This week MKB-Amsterdam wants to draw extra attention for sustainable and efficient city distribution. Van Keulen is a very good example and has won the MKB-Sustainable Price in 2012.  Quite new is their transportation over water, this will be even more important in the future”.

    Besides Van Keulen there are also other companies present that deal with new forms of city distribution and creating pick-up points for packages at different locations in the city. Drenth: ‘MKB-Amsterdam thinks that it’s outdated that everyone delivers their packages at home. It is bad for the environment and results in too much traffic in the city. Therefor pick-up points can play an important role.


    MKB Amsterdam - Van Keulen 20191115 MKB-Nederland - Van Keulen
    15/11/2019 - 9:45AM CETAmsterdam
  • BlackRock

    14/11/2019 - 9:15AM CET  |  Amsterdam


    BlackRock celebrates launch of Europe’s first ESG High Yield bond UCITS ETFs

    Stephen Cohen, Head of iShares EMEA, of BlackRock, opened the trading day at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange by ringing the opening bell.

    With the opening of the stock exchange on Thursday 14 November, BlackRock celebrates the launch of Europe’s first ESG High Yield bond UCITS ETFs in collaboration with Dutch insurer a.s.r.

    BlackRock has launched the iShares € High Yield Corp Bond ESG UCITS ETF and the iShares $ High Yield Corp Bond ESG UCITS ETF (TICKERS: DHYE NA, EHYA NA), to offer investors a larger toolbox to reflect their sustainability objectives, as a growing number of bond investors seek to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into their investments.

    The two new funds will enable investors to achieve a more sustainable high yield exposure through debt issued by companies with the strongest commitment to ESG, while also screening out companies involved in controversial business activities. The ETFs have been seeded by Dutch insurer a.s.r. For additional information on BlackRock, please visit     

    BlackRock 20191411 BlackRock
    14/11/2019 - 9:15AM CETAmsterdam
  • Oranje Handelsmissiefonds

    13/11/2019 - 9:15AM CET  |  Amsterdam


    Oranje Handelsmissiefonds – Winners Oranje Handelsmissiefonds 2019

    The winners of the Oranje Handelsmissiefonds (Orange Trade Mission Fund) open the Amsterdam exchange by sounding the gong.

    The Oranje Handelsmissiefonds was established in 2013 by ING, KLM, evofenedex, MKB-Nederland and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. Ten companies win a year of guidance and support from the Oranje Handelsmissiefonds partners in realizing their international ambitions.

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    Oranje Handelsmissiefonds 20191113 Oranje Handelsmissiefonds
    13/11/2019 - 9:15AM CETAmsterdam
  • Sustainalize

    12/11/2019 - 9:15AM CET  |  Amsterdam


    Sustainalize - MVO Manager of the Year 2019

    Arnoud van Vliet (Zeeman) has been elected as ‘CSR Manager of the Year 2019’ and opened the trading day with the gong.

    The CSR Manager of the Year election has been organized since 2012. The organizer is CSR consultancy Sustainalize, Moonen Packaging and Office Depot Benelux are the partners. The purpose of the election is to recognize the extra effort and results inspired CSR managers. Arnoud van Vliet was elected CSR Manager of the Year 2019 at the Dutch National Sustainability Congress on November 7th. A jury had previously nominated three people for this title. Besides Arnoud, Sander Dekker (Van Oord) and Jolanda Soons (Lamb Weston/Meijer were nominated.

    For more information:

    Sustainalize 20191112 Sustainalize
    12/11/2019 - 9:15AM CETAmsterdam
  • Flightgift & Hotelgift

    11/11/2019 - 9:15AM CET  |  Amsterdam


    Flightgift & Hotelgift – Winner Technology Fast 50

    Jorik Schroder, together with Loes Daniels co-founder of Flightgift & Hotelgift, opens the stock trade today by sounding the gong.

    A delegation of Flightgift & Hotelgift visited the stock exchange today on the occasion of winning the Technology Fast 50 2019, the list of the fastest growing technology companies in The Netherlands. With a revenue growth of 7238% over the last four years (2015 – 2018) the company is at the top of this list.

    Flightgift is the first and only gift card for flights from all major airlines worldwide. Hotelgift is a gift card for over 200.000 hotels worldwide. Both gift cards are sold and redeemed through our own platforms and The websites are currently live in 5 languages, 15 currencies and we sell in 50 countries.

    This year marks the 20th edition of the Technology Fast 50, where Deloitte praises the 50 fastest growing tech companies in The Netherlands, based on revenue growth over the past 4 years (2015 – 2018). Furthermore 2 companies have been awarded in the Rising Star category, the category for emerging innovative companies younger than 4 years. Otrium won the title Rising Star 2019, while Solar Monkey was announced to be the Most Disruptive Innovator 2019.

    Deloitte organizes the Technology Fast 50 together with program partners ABN AMRO, Euronext, Fortino Capital Partners, Kennedy van der Laan and Oracle NetSuite.

    For more information:

    Flightgift & Hotelgift 20191111 Flightgift & Hotelgift
    11/11/2019 - 9:15AM CETAmsterdam
  • Alzheimer Nederland

    08/11/2019 - 9:20AM CET  |  Amsterdam


    Alzheimer Nederland – Campagne Stop Dementia

    Arno van Gemert sounds the gong. By doing this, executive director Gerjoke Wilmink and teamlead of the national door-to-door collection Arno van Gemert of Alzheimer Nederland ask attention for dementia.

    Sooner or later we all have to deal with this brain disease in one way or another. Currently about 280,000 people in the Netherlands have dementia. The expectation is that the number of people with dementia will double to half a million by 2040.

    That is why Alzheimer Nederland is running the Stop Dementia campaign. By investing more in scientific research will lead to better understanding of the origins of the disease and bring solutions. Leading scientists expect major breakthroughs in the prevention and treatment of dementia within five to ten years.

    Recently, for example, there was news on a potential drug Aducanumab. Gerjoke Wilmink: "This is hopefully an important step in Alzheimer's research. A step towards the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, we naturally continue to work to achieve this for all forms of dementia. Because further research is desperately needed. With more research we come closer to a future without dementia for our children and grandchildren."

    This week Alzheimer Nederland is having the annual door-to-door collection in the Netherlands. With one goal: to collect as much money as possible for a future without dementia. ‘’Thanks to our collectors, we can continue to invest more in research in the coming years, on the way to breakthroughs to stop this disease’’, says Arno van Gemert.

    More information on

    Alzheimer Nederland 20191108 Alzheimer Nederland
    08/11/2019 - 9:20AM CETAmsterdam
  • Aedifica

    07/11/2019 - 10:17AM CET  |  Amsterdam


    Aedifica – Listing Euronext Amsterdam

    Stefaan Gielens, CEO of Aedifica, opened markets in Amsterdam today. Aedifica has been listed at Euronext Brussels since 2006 and acquired a second listing at Euronext Amsterdam today.

    Aedifica is a regulated real estate company specialised in healthcare real estate, particularly in senior housing. The company has properties in Belgium (79 buildings), the Netherlands (43), Germany (49) and the UK (92), housing over 19,000 residents in total.

    Aedifica’s secondary listing on Euronext Amsterdam is yet another illustration of our commitment and ambition for the growth of our healthcare real estate portfolio in the Netherlands,” says Stefaan Gielens. “This further establishes Aedifica as the market reference in listed European healthcare real estate.”

    Aedifica 20111107 Aedifica
    07/11/2019 - 10:17AM CETAmsterdam
  • Berk Partners

    06/11/2019 - 9:15AM CET  |  Amsterdam


    Berk Partners – Start 5th fund of Berk Partners

    Willem Kamps, managing partner of investment company Berk Partners private equity, sounds the gong and opens the trading day to celebrate the successful start of the fifth Fund of Berk Partners.

    About Berk Partners private equity

    Berk Partners private equity has been an independent investment company for more than 25 years and assists companies and entrepreneurs in realizing their growth ambitions. Last year, Berk Partners private equity started a fifth investment fund and made three investments in companies since then.

    Since its foundation more than 25 years ago, Berk Partners has played a major role in financing several SME’s. Berk Partners has provided growth financing to more than 40 SME’s in this period and has assisted DGA’s of SMEs with successions or pre-exits.

    For more information:

    Berk Partners 20191106 Berk Partners
    06/11/2019 - 9:15AM CETAmsterdam
  • Dutch Pension Federation

    05/11/2019 - 9:15AM CET  |  Amsterdam


    Dutch Pension Federation – Start Pension3days 2019

    On November 5th, 6th, and 7th 2019, the ninth edition of the National Pension3days will take place. During this period, the partners of the Money Wise Platform are engaged in a wide variety of activities aimed at motivating people to look at their retirement income and – if necessary – to take action.

    Shaktie Rambaran Mishre, chair of the Dutch Pension Federation, will herald the Pension3days by sounding the gong of the Amsterdam stock exchange. Shaktie Rambaran Mishre: “These three days are about pensions, an important topic for everyone. Retirement is more than income for old age; many pension funds provide a benefit for spouse and children in case of a demise. It is comforting to know what the arrangements for your loved ones are in case you pass away. That is why survivors’ pension are in the spotlight this year”.

    About Pension3days

    The aim of the national Pension3days is to promote financial fitness and financial resilience at old age. The theme in 2019 is “Take care of each other” and is about survivor’s pension. Both Money Wise and the Pension Federation have developed a tool that gives the Dutch population insight into their own retirement situation. Money Wise’s tool “This is what you can do for your retirement” allows people to make an estimate of their financial situation at old age. The Pension Federation, together with Nibud and SVB, developed the “Survivor’s Money Guide”. This provides an easily accessible overview of income schemes after a demise.

    Besides Money Wise and the Pension Federation, a large number of organizations participate in the Pension3days, including Authority for the Financial Markets, Association of Insurers, Pension Register Foundation, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, Adfiz, FFP, the Dutch Central Bank, Nibud, several banks, pension funds, insurers, labor unions, educational institutions, pension advisors and many other employers. They organize activities to answer pension questions, such as pension consultation, workshops throughout the country and education in the workplace.


    For more information:

    Dutch Pension Federation 20191105 Dutch Pension Federation
    05/11/2019 - 9:15AM CETAmsterdam
  • RTL-Z

    04/11/2019 - 9:15AM CET  |  Amsterdam


    RTL-Z – Start Beursspel

    The RTL Z Beursspel starts on Monday 4 November. For this occasion show host and awarded investor Janneke Willemse strikes the gong to open the Amsterdam stock exchange.

    The RTL Z Beursspel introduces participants to the world of investment and lets them trade with a fictitious  amount of 100,000 Euros. The player who makes the most profit wins a trip to New York. The RTL Z Beursspel introduces different types of investment products to the participants.

    For more information:

    RTL-Z 20191104 RTL-Z
    04/11/2019 - 9:15AM CETAmsterdam
  • Coöperatieve Rabobank Regio Schiphol

    01/11/2019 - 9:15AM CET  |  Amsterdam


    Coöperatieve Rabobank Regio Schiphol

    Han Klinkspoor of the Aerdenhoutse Beleg- en Studieclub and client of Rabobank Regio Schiphol, sounds the gong. Rabobank Regio Schiphol is proud to be able to strike the gong to open the trading day with a group of highly valued customers and members. The stock market is an important source within asset management consultancy for its clients, enabling its clients to realise their ambitions.

    Brexit is expected to have consequences for the financial markets. Each time the chance of a hard Brexit seems to increase, it leads to dramatic headlines. But what can investors do with this? Rabobank Regio Schiphol regularly assists and informs its clients, private and business, in order to reduce uncertainties.

    About Rabobank Rabobank is an international financial services provider on a cooperative basis. It provides services in the field of retail banking, wholesale banking, private banking, leasing and property. It has around 8.3 million customers worldwide. Rabobank wants to make a substantial contribution to the welfare and prosperity of the Netherlands and to the sustainable feeding of the world.

    Rabobank Regio Schiphol

    Rabobank Regio Schiphol is a commercially independent local Rabobank. It serves both private and business customers with a complete package of financial services. Rabobank Regio Schiphol operates in a market area where business doesn’t just end at the municipal boundaries. That’s why it has many good contacts with the municipality, local business associations and other stakeholders. It is committed to a better business climate.

    Something news worthy And together with its customers, it is once again committed to a stronger living environment and to today's major social challenges.

    Coöperatieve Rabobank Regio Schiphol 20191101 Rabobank
    01/11/2019 - 9:15AM CETAmsterdam
  • B&R Beurs Erasmus Investment Society

    31/10/2019 - 9:15AM CET  |  Amsterdam


    B&R Beurs Erasmus Investment Society – Opening yearly Flow Traders Investment Competition

    Mark Pinckers, Head of Trading at Flow Traders, sounds the gong to open the yearly Flow Traders Investment Competition.

    Every year, the student investment society B&R Beurs from the Erasmus University Rotterdam organizes the Flow Traders Investment Competition. This competition is the largest student investment competition of the Netherlands, with over 40 active student investment groups participating.

    About B&R Beurs Erasmus Investment Society With around 1300 members in Rotterdam, B&R Beurs is the largest student investment society of the Netherlands. We strive to guide and aid our members to gain a better understanding about the financial world. We achieve this by hosting weekly academies about investing that are given by industry professionals and experienced members. Furthermore, we kick-start the financial career of our members by organizing various events such as in-house days, company dinners, workshops and masterclasses in order to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Flow Traders enables the organization of a yearly investment competition and encourages members to be active with investing.

    B&R Beurs Erasmus Investment Society 20191031 B&R Beurs Erasmus Investment Society
    31/10/2019 - 9:15AM CETAmsterdam
  • Stichting Museumnacht Amsterdam

    30/10/2019 - 9:15AM CET  |  Amsterdam


    Stichting Museumnacht Amsterdam – 20 years

    The gong is sounded by Jordy den Haan, Project Manager at Stichting N8 I Museum Night Amsterdam. The occasion is the foundation's 20-year anniversary. In addition, 2019 is Jordy's last Museum Night. All in all a festive year!

    20 years of Museum Night Amsterdam Museum Night Amsterdam has become one of the largest cultural events in Amsterdam in 20 years. Museum Night Amsterdam introduces and connects a young and local audience with the Amsterdam museums. For this target group, Museum Night is the gateway to the museums in their city and wants to inspire and convince them that these museums are also there for them. The first and largest museum night in the Netherlands now attracts more than 32,000 visitors, about half of whom actually come for the first time and nearly 80% are younger than 35 years. Museum Night provides its visitors with a first experience in the museum every year: whether it is Museum Night in Amsterdam for the first time or your twentieth. Every edition is unique and feels like an introduction.

    About the N8 Foundation The N8 Foundation is the laboratory for museum youth marketing, aimed at as many as possible, preferably all youth target groups of Amsterdam. This includes all activities, with the annual Museum Night as the focal point. This year, Museum Night Amsterdam takes place on Saturday, November 2, 2019. Between 19:00 and 02:00, the Amsterdam museums open their doors at night to welcome a young audience. Inspired by the permanent collection or temporary exhibitions, the participating locations have put together a special program for a young audience.

    Stichting Museumnacht Amsterdam Stichting Museumnacht Amsterdam
    30/10/2019 - 9:15AM CETAmsterdam
  • Kempen Global Property Fund

    29/10/2019 - 9:15AM CET  |  Amsterdam


    Kempen Global Property Fund NV – 5 years

    Lucas Vuurmans, Senior Portofolio Manager of the Kempen Global Property Fund, sounds the gong for the 5-year anniversary of Kempen Global Property Fund NV.

    This month, the Kempen Global Property Strategy celebrates its fifth anniversary. This milestone coincides with attaining the highest position in the Morningstar database: the average annual return of the Kempen Global Property Fund N.V. over the five-year period is 12.7% (net). This is substantially higher (net annual average of 2.7%) than the benchmark (FTSE EPRA Nareit Global Developed Index)*.

    The strategy also scores high on sustainability aspects, with Morningstar awarding four points, so-called sustainability globes, on the sustainability rating scale.

    Egbert explains: “With our team of experienced real estate investors, we apply a unique, data-driven investment process that allows us to analyse approximately 25 million relevant data points for 200,000 properties around the world. These data are processed in our own data infrastructure into useful and relevant investment information.

    “This enormous quantity of available data enables us to make a better assessment of the quality and risks of the real estate. This leads to better investment decisions, which in turn results in higher investment returns at lower risks for our clients. We are very proud of the fact that this approach yields excellent results for our clients.”

    Kempen Global Property Fund 20191029 Kempen Global Property Fund
    29/10/2019 - 9:15AM CETAmsterdam

    28/10/2019 - 9:15AM CET  |  Amsterdam


    KAS BANK rebrands to CACEIS

    Sikko van Katwijk, member Executive Committee CACEIS, sounds the gong on the occasion of KAS BANK’s rebranding to CACEIS. Today’s gong also represents the last week of trading for KAS BANK shares. The last day of trading on Euronext is scheduled for 4 November.

    KAS BANK rebrands to CACEIS

    From the 28th of October KAS BANK will continue with the name and brand of the new owner CACEIS (K-say-ies). On the 25th of February 2019 KAS BANK announced the public offer from CACEIS that was settled on the 30th of September. From that day onwards, KAS BANK is part of the CACEIS-group benefitting from the large balance sheet and the scale business of one of the largest European Custodian banks.

    About CACEIS

    CACEIS is a large European custodian bank and the largest European Fund Administrator. CACEIS is part of the Credit Agricole group, a French mutual bank that is one of the largest global banking groups. Through the merger with KAS BANK CACEIS becomes a market leader in custodial services in the Dutch market and will also benefit from KAS BANK’s expertise in pension fund services. About 4,000 people work for CACEIS, whereof 400 in the Dutch/Amsterdam office.


    For more information:

    28/10/2019 - 9:15AM CETAmsterdam
  • Stadsarchief Amsterdam

    25/10/2019 - 9:15AM CEST  |  Amsterdam


    Stadsarchief Amsterdam – Amsterdam 744 years

    Bert de Vries, director of Stadsarchief Amsterdam, announces the Birthday of Amsterdam with the gong. On October 27, 1275, Floris the Fifth, Count of Holland  granted Amsterdammers toll exemption in his county. The Tolprivilege is the oldest document in Amsterdam and the basis for the powerful, prosperous and tolerant trading city.

    The Tolprivilege laid the foundation for Amsterdam that would grow into the most powerful trading city in the world in the seventeenth century. The City Archives preserves the Tolprivilege and all other archive records of Amsterdam. In the document from 1275, Amstelledamme is mentioned for the first time in history. Count Floris V (the Fifth) granted toll-free freedom for "People staying near the Amsteldam" to transport their wares through the County of Holland. This cost advantage laid the foundation for the then young trading city. Based on the year 1275, mentioned in this insignificant but meaningful document, Amsterdam will turn out big in 2025 with the celebration of its 750 anniversary.

    The Amsterdam City Archives preserves the archives of the municipal government, besides those of private institutions, families or individuals, and companies connected with the city. In addition, the City Archives houses a large collection of images and audio-visual material, as well as a library.

    Among the various documents of international significance kept at the Amsterdam City Archives are the archives of the Heineken brewery and the renowned Concertgebouw, letters written by Charles Darwin and Mahatma Gandhi, an eighteenth-century trade agreement between the city and the newly founded United States of America, the book containing the excommunication of seventeenth-century philosopher Spinoza, and a police report about the theft of Anne Frank’s bike in 1942.

    Archival material is made available for consultation both on site and through the internet. The website of the Amsterdam City Archives features an Image Bank, containing more than 460.000 photos, drawings, and prints related to the city, and an Archives Database, providing scans of archival material on request, including a wealth of sources for genealogical research, accessible through several indexes. These scans now number more than seven million.

    The Amsterdam City Archives shares the available expertise on Amsterdam and its history through exhibitions, publications, films and events. Noteworthy documents are on permanent display in the so-called: Amsterdam Treasure Room. Wander through the Treasure Room, dating from 1926. Find out about Rembrandt or Johan Cruyff and their times. Marvel at the medieval charter cabinet. And follow the change from a small city in a medieval world to a world city in our times. Historical films about Amsterdam are shown in a small movie theatre.

    Stadsarchief Amsterdam 20191025 Stadsarchief Amsterdam
    25/10/2019 - 9:15AM CESTAmsterdam
  • Icoinic

    23/10/2019 - 9:15AM CEST  |  Amsterdam


    Icoinic – Winner Cashcow Award 2019

    Arthur Stolk, managing director Icoinic, sounds the gong on the occasion of Icoinic winning the Cash Cow Award 2019 for Best Dutch Crypto Fund.

    This being the first presentation of the award category, combined with crypto investments being a full part of the BeleggersFair for the first time, is indicative for the increasing interest in cryptocurrencies.

    In the weeks leading up to the event, the public had an opportunity to vote and select the winner from five nominated crypto funds. Icoinic had a lot of support to fall back on. What stood out was their algorithmic approach to the vastly fluctuating crypto market.  Participants also praised Icoinic’s pioneering spirit and character. ‘It’s extremely helpful to have a good Dutch organization around.’

    Cryptocurrencies are known for their extreme price volatility, and prices can differ vastly from one minute to the next. Says Stolk: ‘Our algorithm can react to market developments and knows how to cushion them if necessary. To me, this award is a tangible acknowledgement for the hard work we do.’

    For more information:

    Icoinic 20191024 Icoinic
    23/10/2019 - 9:15AM CESTAmsterdam
  • Aegon

    23/10/2019 - 9:13AM CEST  |  Amsterdam


    Aegon – Winner Gouden Spreekbuis 2019

    Sibylla Bantema, COO Aegon Hypotheken, sounds the gong for Aegon Hypotheken winning the Gouden Spreekbuis 2019. She and her management team are responsible for the mortgage business and the distinctive developments in the field of customer and advisor service


    Winner of the Golden Speak Tube 2019 for the best mortgage lender.

    On October 3rd, Aegon Hypotheken was awarded the ‘Gouden Spreekbuis 2019’ for mortgage providers. The prize is awarded annually by Blauw Research to the mortgage lender who, in the past year, developed best in terms of communication, image, reputation and services.

    As a winner in the field of digitization, Aegon Hypotheken has taken enormous steps and has taken the lead in redesigning the mortgage chain, without losing sight of the human aspect. This to the great satisfaction of customer and intermediary.

    About Aegon

    Aegon wants to enable customers to make conscious choices for a healthy financial future. We do this by informing them, showing alternatives, giving appropriate advice and delivering the products and services that are important for every phase of your life. Whether it concerns your pension, mortgage, investments, banking or non-life insurance.

    About 4,300 people work for Aegon and her daughters in the Netherlands, in The Hague, Leeuwarden, Groningen and Amsterdam.


    Over the past 5 years, Aegon Hypotheken was one of the top 5 mortgage providers in the Netherlands; more than 225,000 consumers have financed their home with an Aegon mortgage.


    For more information:

    Aegon 20191023 Aegon
    23/10/2019 - 9:13AM CESTAmsterdam